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A day in the life of a child eating lion


Ever wondered what actually happens at an Opera North Education workshop? Since I started at Opera North, the Education office has always seemed like an Aladdin’s cave full of colourful props with sporadic bursts of music coming from behind the door. So I didn’t...

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Reem Kelani: Notes from Tahrir Square


Manchester born Palestinian singer Reem Kelani performs at the Howard Assembly Room in a special twilight concert on Friday 23 March. Last Autumn, she re-visited Tahrir Square in Cairo to undertake research for a BBC Radio 4 programme, Songs from Tahrir. Here, Reem shares s...

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February Frenzy


  From operas for naughty children to a new tour and first visit to Dublin, it has been a busy month at Opera North. Have a look and listen to some of the links below to get a feel for what has been going on and what we are getting excited about.

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The Language of Language...


My role as Italian language coach is not only to help the singers with how to pronounce their words, how to enunciate and deliver them to achieve the right sound of the language, but also how to convey the meaning, to put across the larger picture: the context of the period...

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