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A day in the life of a child eating lion


Ever wondered what actually happens at an Opera North Education workshop? Since I started at Opera North, the Education office has always seemed like an Aladdin’s cave full of colourful props with sporadic bursts of music coming from behind the door. So I didn’t...

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Reem Kelani: Notes from Tahrir Square


Manchester born Palestinian singer Reem Kelani performs at the Howard Assembly Room in a special twilight concert on Friday 23 March. Last Autumn, she re-visited Tahrir Square in Cairo to undertake research for a BBC Radio 4 programme, Songs from Tahrir. Here, Reem shares s...

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February Frenzy


  From operas for naughty children to a new tour and first visit to Dublin, it has been a busy month at Opera North. Have a look and listen to some of the links below to get a feel for what has been going on and what we are getting excited about.

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