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Dial M for Murgatroyd...


It’s like putting on an old pair of shoes, don’t you think?’ These were the words of Jo Davies, Ruddigore’s director, after I’d recently dusted off the choreography for the entrance number as Sir Despard Murgatroyd, the Bad Baronet

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Amy’s Last Dive: Diary of an Opera


For the past six months now I’ve been writing the music to an opera about Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly to Australia. Conceived and written by Adam Strickson, the opera looks back at her tempestuous life, and asks how her racy and risky journey relates to m...

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John Querns - A Repetitive Pianist


I don’t want to be in the limelight. I like the job that I do, which is behind the scenes as part of the preparation of an opera – the repetiteur – ‘repeating’ rehearsals on the piano from a single moment to a full length performance. 

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The flood is coming...


The weekend we have been building towards is nearly upon us and signs of the coming of OverWorlds & UnderWorlds are springing up around our city, in particular a giant tree with a ship wrecked boat emerging up from Briggate.  

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A day in the life of a child eating lion


Ever wondered what actually happens at an Opera North Education workshop? Since I started at Opera North, the Education office has always seemed like an Aladdin’s cave full of colourful props with sporadic bursts of music coming from behind the door. So I didn’t...

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