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Community Residencies

Bringing people together.

Tailor-made arts programmes which tackle head-on issues that strike at the heart of a community.

We believe that injecting the arts into the heart of a community can significantly change people’s lives for the better. Our residencies are long-term programmes which respond to local needs and aim to use the arts to draw communities together, encouraging them to reflect on their coexistence in a fresh and positive manner.

The residency process generates tailor-made arts programmes which tackle head-on issues that strike at the heart of a community and result in powerful productions devised with and for their local participants.

How is it done?

We place artists ‘in residence’, who bring expertise and a passion for singing to the community, engaging a wide range of groups and individuals through weekly strands of work as well as one-off workshops. 

We work closely with Local Authorities, youth workers, teachers and relevant community groups to ensure our activities touch people who do not normally participate in music-making and who are deprived of opportunity due to their circumstances.

Our resident artists also train teachers and local artists in order to leave a lasting legacy once the residency has come to an end. We also allow community members free access to everything that Opera North produces – be that on the main stage, in the Howard Assembly Room or locally in their own area.

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