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A book Opera North: Historical and Dramaturgical Perspectives on Opera Studies, which details the history and inner workings of our company Opera North, has been launched and is now available for purchase.

The book is a universal reference for opera scholars, opera workers and opera lovers, and explores issues relating to the production of opera through history, ethnography and production analysis. Within the work, the company is presented through a historical lens and placed within the UK operatic landscape. The book delves deep into the Company's past from its roots in 1978, drawing on extensive archive material, and is also beautifully illustrated with photographs from Opera North’s 35 year history.

Opera North: Historical and Dramaturgical Perspectives on Opera is the result of more than four years of detailed research and close observation of Opera North by Dr Kara McKechnie of the University of Leeds. Dr McKechnie is a specialist in opera studies and Lecturer in Dramaturgy and Literary Management at the University’s School of Performance and Cultural Industries. The project was made possible through DARE, Opera North's long-standing collaboration with the University of Leeds, and has now been published by Emerald Group Publishing, the global publisher linking research and practice to the benefit of society.

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...Lady Harewood: "I remember him [Lloyd-Jones] saying one day ‘I’ve found the absolutely ideal person to be the leader, he’s a wonderful, wonderful violinist, he’s got everything — but the trouble is, he’s only 22!" Read more...

Opera North was created with the express intention of bringing the highest quality opera to the stages of the north of England, with an egalitarian spirit and a conviction that great opera is for everybody. Over thirty-five years later, Opera North continues its remit as a touring company, and is widely praised as one of the UK's boldest and most adventurous producers of opera.

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