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Götterdämmerung Rehearsals: In Photos


Rehearsal photos from Götterdämmerung, the overwhelming conclusion to Opera North’s four-year traversal of Der Ring des Nibelungen. The all-consuming love of Siegfried and Brünnhilde is broken in bitter betrayal; the machinations of Hagen, s... Read More


La Bohème - live blog

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Updates from Stuart Heritage (The Guardian) as he live blogged La Bohème during the evening performance on Thursday 8 May. A first-time opera-goer, Stuart wrote about his experience of the performance in real time. Read More


The phenomenal Dave Douglas and Uri Caine


In Dave Douglas and Uri Caine you have two individuals at their most creative parts of their careers, and with a wide knowledge of jazz, folk music, church music, classical music and music from the Jewish tradition. They are phenomenal technical players. More than this though ... Read More

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