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A sneak peek into rehearsals for The Bartered Bride


Daniel Slater's vibrant production of The Bartered Bride, first seen here at Opera North in 1998, returns with aplomb this Autumn. We caught up with the cast, chorus, circus perfomers and creative team during rehersals for Act III of the opera. Here's what we saw... 

Nicholas Watts as Vašek and Jennifer France as Esmerelda 

Peter Savidge as Krušina, Kate Valentine as Mařenka, Ann Taylor as Ludmilla, James Creswell as Kecal, Fiona Kimm as Háta and Stephen Richardson as Tobias Micha

Circus performers of The Bartered Bride with Peter Bodenham as the Circus Master 

Circus performers of The Bartered Bride

Circus performers of The Bartered Bride

Nicholas Watts as Vašek and Jennifer France as Esmerelda with circus performers of The Bartered Bride

Peter Bodenham as the Circus Master

Brenden Gunnell as Jenik and Kate Valentine as Mařenka with the Chorus of Opera North. 

Photo credit: Jonny Walton 

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