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It’s definitely been a very exciting week, having arrived last Monday from London, suitcase in hand, with a new job on the threshold in Leeds.


Last time I covered a lead, I was on stage for the whole show doing ensemble work, but this time I have the privilege of just focusing on the cover work. Basically, I get to do two of the things I most enjoy – working on a role and watching theatre every day; I observe all the rehearsals to ‘copy’ everything Eaton James does on stage as the character Boris.


It’s a funny thing, covering a role. You put in a lot of work preparing for the role, learning lines and creating a new character – just as if you were playing the part in every performance – but you never know if you’ll ever get a chance to actually go on stage. In a sense, you’re the show’s insurance policy: hopefully you won’t be needed, but if you do, they and I are prepared.


All in all, an intense week, but a good one; it’s been great to see a show that’s already so far advanced in rehearsals, and meeting so many new people. It can be a bit scary being a newcomer to a cast that already know each other so well, but not here in Leeds – everyone has been nothing but friendly and helpful to make this newcomer feel right at home.  

Thomas Bay Pedersen 'Boris' Cover Paradise Moscow  



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