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  Anish Miyangar New Media Placement, Opera North The New Media Placement is a recent role at Opera North, with the Company’s focus to reach a wider digital audience and create more interactive content for the website. It’s an Arts Council Funded part-time placement for nine months, which appealed to me as I have been doing a Music Production degree at Huddersfield Uni. I have been working on so many musical genres and film projects that opera was an area I didn’t know much about, but felt I had a lot of creative input for. My first two months have been hectic – totally hands-on- to say the least. Selecting and editing images and audio for the new season ahead, working on short film ideas, having a presence and filming at the Yorkshire Show where Opera North had a stand. The website is laid out well, but more could be done to draw people in and connect with them, there needs to be more for people who come across it by accident and this is where I will focus my efforts. Especially in the Howard Assembly Room, which has so many cross-genre performances and workshops – I didn’t realise there was such a variety going on at Opera North and that it’s not just about opera. I joined at the end of the last season and saw the Resonance project, which is a ‘work in progress’. It was opera but crossed with poetry and storytelling, structure but not structure. It was an odd combination at times, but there were elements that I really liked. The new season has a ‘ghostly’ element in Benjamin Britten’s ‘The Turn of the Screw’, which will be mirrored in the Howard Assembly Room’s ‘Ghosts in the Nursery’ event. We’re looking at creating our own ‘Blair Witch Project’/’Most Haunted’ style film, a bit of a tongue in cheek search for the ‘real’ ghost of the Leeds Grand Theatre. I hope it’s not just rumour and we do come across some paranormal activity. My time with Opera North has been challenging from the start and I anticipate greater, creative hurdles in the future.

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