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My First Concert: Elena Urioste


My First Concert is a series of blogs that take some of the world's most renowned musicians and conductors back to their childhood, to recall the formative experiences that led them to a career in music. Next to share her story is Mexican-American violinist Elena Urioste.

"I am embarrassed to report that I can't really remember the details of my very first performance! My zeal for the violin, performing, and music in general was so whole-hearted from the age of five that the vibrance of it all blurred the specifics of my early musical journey. 

I officially began playing the violin in my elementary school at the age of 5 after three solid years of pestering my parents for an instrument (at the age of two I had seen Itzhak Perlman on Sesame Street and was convinced, immediately, inexplicably, that I wanted to do THAT) and so my earliest performances were likely group Suzuki concerts.

I recall finishing Book 2 and receiving my gold violin pin, and I remember performing one of the solo parts of Bach's Concerto for Two Violins with "grown-ups" for the first time; but the memory of my very first concert evades me. I was too intoxicated with the idea of a life in music to catalogue that first step clearly.

Elena Urioste makes her debut with the Orchestra of Opera North performing Mozart's Violin Concerto No.5 at Huddersfield Town Hall on Thursday 30 November, and at Leeds Town Hall on Saturday 2 December 2017.


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