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Greentop is a circus school based in Sheffield and uses circus ‘arts’ to help educate people. We are very excited to be able to deliver a clowning and circus skills workshop at Opera North tomorrow. All art forms come with their own baggage - preconceptions about what it’s about, who it’s for, where it’s done and who does it. Opera and circus both come loaded with baggage - the ideas people have of each are very different, but very present. And so the challenge for Greentop, as for Opera North, is to help people overcome barriers and get involved, seeing and experiencing something new. Circus as an artform is hundreds of years old, yet in its infancy as an emerging and rapidly developing modern performing art. It is frivolous yet profound, painstaking to master yet easy to sample. These contradictions make circus a safe, comfortable and fun activity for people. There is little right/wrong and good/bad, there is a great freedom to take as you find, enjoy what you can and ask for explanations on bits which went over your head. The workshop sessions at Opera North are a great opportunity to come together with your family and friends and play! Exploring role-play and circus tricks, such as juggling, slapstick and general clowning around...Get a taste of the circus! Craig Gamble Pugh, Chief Executive, Greentop Circus

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