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They say the Devil makes work for idle hands...

Putting The Devil's Jukebox together - all five hours of it - with Opera North Projects hasn't left a beelzebubbing minute for Mr Satan to get a look in... (or has it...mwahhahahahaha!)

Tonight, in the Howard Assembly Room in Leeds, seven extraordinary musicians will be flirting with fire and brimstone in an epic exploration of just what tunes The Opposer might spin on his (40 Days & 40 Nights in the...) Desert Discs.

The programme charts an eclectic course across 300 years of music. Promethean arrangements of iconic Blues Songs (for harpsichord, violin, cello and voice, for instance) rub horns with Mephistophelian masterpieces from the classical canon, sinister pop anthems from an atheistic century and music from all ages that summons the grandeur, terror, spiritual desolation and mischief-making of The Diabolos.

It's probably no surprise to read that a lot of his music is also beguiling, seductive, compelling and just great for a Friday night out in Leeds, especially during Leeds Light Night - Lucifer meaning 'Light-Bringer' and all.

The performers are world-class; the venue is going to look fabulous and it’s going to be so exciting, it may well turn us all to The Dark Side! And I can safely say that - outside of contractual negotiations with Opera North – no-one involved has made any kind of pact or signed anything in blood. It's just going to be an unforgettably soulful night.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Matthew Sharp

Cellist and curator of The Devil’s Jukebox

The Devil’s Jukebox is Opera North Project’s contribution to Light Night Leeds 2012, an annual night-time celebration of Leeds’ creativity. Join a host of top-flight musicians for five minutes or five hours of the devil’s best tunes, from Paganini to Robert Johnson’s blues. Audience members are encouraged to come and go throughout. More information is available here.

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