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Thumbs Up to Turandot


As the dust settles on our recent production of Turandot, we caught up with the pupils from Low Road Primary School who sang in every performance alongside the Chorus and Orchestra of Opera North.

For the five children – Daniel (9), Hayden (9), Polyana (9), Tanishka (10) and Venkat (9) - this was their first experience of performing and touring with a national opera company and grew out of the school's involvement with In Harmony Opera North.

What was your favourite part of being in the Children’s Chorus for Turandot?

"Seeing all of the different sites. It was really exciting to travel on a coach to lots of different places around the UK. I loved seeing the Angel of The North!"

"My favourite part was the first rehearsal with the Orchestra - it was so loud! It was amazing to be in the room with so many people playing and singing really loudly."

What did your parents think of you performing with Opera North?

"My Mum was very impressed to see me singing in front of people because normally I’m really shy. She hadn’t seen me sing in front of people before."

"I ended up teaching the songs to my family!"

What did your teachers think of you performing with Opera North?

"My teacher said he was really proud to see his students up on stage performing with Opera North."

Was there anything you found really hard?

"All of the waiting around backstage because that felt really tiring. We had fun playing games and spending time with each other though."

After all the hours of rehearsing, what was it like when you sang at Leeds Town Hall on opening night? 

"I felt like I was going to pop, I was so nervous! There were so many people. My favourite part was when everyone was clapping at the end. I couldn’t stop smiling."

Which venue was your favourite? 

"I liked all of the venues. Everywhere was really amazing."

How do you feel now it’s all finished?

"I feel really sad now it’s all over because I had so much fun travelling with everyone to so many different places.I do feel really proud of what we've done though."

What do you think you’ve learned?

"I’ve learned I don’t need to be shy. If I make a mistake, it’s OK and I can improve on it next time."

Would you like to perform with Opera North again?

"I really enjoyed performing with Opera North, I want to join the Opera North Children's Chorus and sing with them again. I feel really lucky to have performed with a big orchestra and chorus."

What three words would you use to describe how the entire experience felt?

"Tiring, proud and fun!"

Photo credit: Tristram Kenton

In Harmony Children at Low Road Primary School: Opera North

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