Higher Education


Opera North Higher Education works in partnership with higher education institutions to create, strengthen and disseminate new knowledge.

One way we achieve this is through our Research Agenda, created to spark new ideas and encourage interdisciplinary work. Some examples of our recent and ongoing research projects are:

  • Sandpits
  • Creative Labs
  • Performing Violence
  • DARE Prize

The inaugural DARE Prize was launched in 2016, it encouraged and challenged artists and scientists to work together on new approaches to the creative process. Artists were invited to demonstrate a desire to engage with scientific researchers from the University of Leeds that would lead to the creation of new work.

The launch of the annual £15,000 prize is part of a programme in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the DARE partnership between Opera North and the University of Leeds. Applications were received from around the globe with the hopes of working with researches from a broad spectrum of scientific fields with aims of creating work in the mediums of music, sculpture, interactive installations and holograms.

Read more about the shortlisted artists.

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