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Cleopatra: Queen, Lover, Legend (extract)


She is ‘the wickedest woman in history; she is a pattern of female virtue. She is a public benefactor, builder of aqueducts and lighthouses; she is a selfish tyrant who tortures slaves for her entertainment. She is as playful as a child; she is as old as sin. She is C... Read More


High Noon


The western established a new idea of modernity, setting a technologically advanced society against the blank slate of a nation in its infancy. The Hollywood dream machine manufactured heroic tales of its founding fathers only a few generations into the past, but always roo... Read More


Home of the Brave (High Noon)


Home of the Brave are performing a live set ahead of High Noon in the Howard Assembly Room on Friday 13 January. Richard Ormrod explains how the quartet’s love of Westerns shapes their music. Read More

Video: enter the magical world of Flyboy


Artist and musician Matthew Robins spreads seasonal cheer in his unique blend of live music and shadow-puppet animation, Flyboy is Alone Again this Christmas, with two performances in the Howard Assembly Room on Saturday 10 December. Matthew and his band perform live on stage ... Read More

Meet the Musicians: The Gambler


Meet the musicians that will help transport the audience from the Howard Assembly Room to Dostoevsky’s Casino for a sold out performance of The Gambler this evening. The evening will include chamber music by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff. DANNY DRIVER - PIANO Following his ... Read More