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Green Giant Workout


On 16 August I moved to Leeds to work on Opera North’s production of The Adventures of Pinocchio. I’ve always been a big fan of opera and I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to work with such established musicians and singers. A big part of my role is animati... Read More

Sit Bach and enjoy...


Jo Nockels, Projects Manager, Opera North Projects, talks Light Night Leeds From discussing whether the name is just too silly, to talking to the musicians about just how much Bach they can play without stopping, preparations for Light Night 2010 at the Howard Assembly Room... Read More

John Whitfield, Gamelan player


John Whitfield talks techno lullabies before the Southbank Gamelan players join Plaid on stage at the Howard Assembly Room One night in the late 1990s, I heard a track called Kortisin by a group I’d never heard of, called Plaid on the London dance-music station Kiss FM. It ... Read More

Benjamin Hulett comes out of the shadows...


In the shadows… As I sit in my dressing room at Opera North, far too early for my call (as usual) I begin to think again about what it means to play the role of Peter Quint. It is a role that I have wanted to do for as long as I knew I wanted to perform opera. My wife sang... Read More

Roll up roll up...


Greentop is a circus school based in Sheffield and uses circus ‘arts’ to help educate people. We are very excited to be able to deliver a clowning and circus skills workshop at Opera North tomorrow. All art forms come with their own baggage - preconceptions about what it’s ... Read More

Victoria Simmonds (Pinocchio)


It’s been nearly 3 years since I played Pinocchio, so I was slightly anxious before we started rehearsals, wondering if I could remember any of the ‘moves’, and if I would still have the energy at the end of the show to do the cartwheel!  Of course I needn’t have worried – we’... Read More



Lindsey Porter PR Manager, Opera North Only the rapid tap tapping of computer keys are breaking the silence of the office this week, that and our attempt at ‘Name That Tune’ for the Michael Jackson ‘Man in the Mirror’ show we can hear in the Grand Theatre next door. ... Read More