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Lights on an opera enthusiast


 [youtube=] Its two days to go to opening night and in the admin offices of Opera North keyboards are furiously tapping. The reason that everything is so frantic is because this Saturday brings the classic opera (the ‘towering maste... Read More

Perspectives of a Placement Student


  [caption id="attachment_51" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Paradise Moscow"][/caption] As an operatic voice radiates from the toilets into the office, it’s hard not to smile and think to myself where else would that happen? I am half way through my student pl... Read More

Covering a lead in Paradise Moscow


    Thomas' Blog   It’s definitely been a very exciting week, having arrived last Monday from London, suitcase in hand, with a new job on the threshold in Leeds.   Last time I covered a lead, I was on stage for the whole show doing ensemble work, but this time I ... Read More

Paradise Leeds...


[youtube=]  Eaton’s Blog. I’m exhausted! I’ve just finished a long day at rehearsals, where we have been practising a very high energy dance number. I have to throw my leading lady, (Summer Strallen who plays ‘Lidochka’) over my ba... Read More

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