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Arts Council England investment plans for 2018-22


Richard Mantle, General Director, Opera North, comments:

 “With the new round of National Portfolio Organisation funding announced this week, Opera North is delighted to continue its bold and adventurous programme of work, reaching and developing new audiences across the north and beyond.
The ongoing support of Arts Council England over the next four years is a resounding endorsement for the strength and diversity of Opera North’s artistic work, our successful touring model which enables that work to reach more people across the northern region, and our impact on young people and communities through our award-winning and inspirational Education and Community Engagement programmes.

We would like to thank ACE for their continued support; an act of faith in the range and quality of Opera North’s work and the Company’s unique contribution to the social and economic fabric of Leeds and the north. Given the difficult decisions that the Arts Council has had to make over the past few years, and an economic climate which continues to be challenging for all arts organisations, we are especially pleased to see a renewed commitment to investing in, and developing audiences for the arts here in the north.
The figures announced today amount to standstill Arts Council England funding for Opera North, at £10.4m per year (61% of turnover), which will enable the Company to maintain its current touring model, creating opera productions of the highest artistic excellence for audiences throughout the north.

 In addition to funding from ACE and Leeds City Council, the company derives income from box office revenue and from the generosity of individual donors, trusts and foundations, and corporate supporters, all of whom we would also like to thank. Opera North is now confidently planning for a strong, creative future, and through the coming years we look forward to building on our successful record working in partnership with artists, venues and organisations throughout the northern regions and further afield.”


Der Rosenkavalier, 2016. Credit: Robert Workman 
In Harmony Summer Concert, 2017. Credit: Justin Slee
Solstice, 2017. Credit: Simon Godley

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