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Arts for Britain: Join the campaign


The arts make Britain great, and Opera North is proud to join the #Arts4Britain campaign. Keep arts funding at current levels so we remain industry world leaders.

In the last year at Opera North…

More than 103,600 people attended over 230 performances at 30 venues

More than 15,000 children, young people and adults participated in Opera North’s Education work

Over £7m was put back into the economy through purchase of goods and services

Over 180 people employed full time by Opera North

84 disadvantaged community groups in Leeds joined Opera North’s Community Engagement Programme

Level 4 SATs results at schools hosting Opera North Community Residencies in Leeds and Hull increased by 12-20%

Over 350 children at Windmill Primary School learned to play stringed instruments as part of In Harmony Opera North


Arts for Britain: Join the campaign

If you love the arts, we need your help! Please write to your local MP to explain why the arts matter to you, and how arts and culture organisations like Opera North impact on your community.

We need every MP to understand how much the arts mean to people like you right across the country and to make the case for continued investment in arts industries.

For every £1 the Government spends on the arts, the arts returns £5 to the Treasury. The arts add £7.7billion to the UK economy and are at the heart of social life throughout the country.

Opera North works with community groups throughout Leeds, including services which support refugees and asylum seekers, adults and young people with learning disabilities, vulnerable older people, and people with mental health issues.

Every day, we see the power of the arts to change lives and improve wellbeing:

‘I am writing to express my gratitude for the chance to experience fantastic music, an outstanding performance and overall a great evening of culture. The work you do with the communities in Leeds is very much appreciated and I hope you are able to carry on bringing the amazing world of music and performance into the lives of peoples to whom that world is out of reach.’

Service user, Refugee Education Training and Advisory Service, Leeds

Help us to make the case for the arts in Britain this month by writing to your MP and becoming part of the Arts for Britain campaign. Find your MPs contact details here



What you say

Comment from Howard Rogerson


Howard Rogerson said ago

Every note, every word, every song, every artist, everyone involved in creative arts creates so much for so many everywhere. Let's support them fully to create and continue creating a vibrant community though out the UK and abroad. PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTS!

Comment from Nicholas Dobson


Nicholas Dobson said ago

The arts are essential to enriching the life of the nation. They help us to understand, deal with and where appropriate celebrate the infinite variety of the human condition. And they educate in the widest sense of the word i.e. drawing out the creative and psychological potential of everyone who participates. Opera North does a fantastic job with its innovatively excellent productions and its highly effective reaching-out mission. In addition to being an important part of the economy, the arts are the cultural bloodstream of the nation. Let us not be misguided enough to cut off or severely restrict the vital blood supply.

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