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The Ring cycle: Your reaction


Opera North's epic 2016 journey through Richard Wagner's Ring is now well underway! 

Read some comments from the opening night audiences of our first Ring cycle here, and tell us about your Ring experience so far, the things you are most looking forward to, or simply your thoughts on Wagner's monumental work, in the comments below.

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Das Rheingold 

Die Walküre



Michael Druiett as Wotan, Jo Pohlheim as Alberich and Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke as Loge. Credit: Clive Barda
Jeni Bern as Woglinde, Sarah Castle as Flosshilde and Madeleine Shaw as Wellgunde. Credit: Clive Barda 
The Company of Die Walküre. Credit: Clive Barda
Lars Cleveman as Siegfried. Credit: Clive Barda 

What you say

Comment from Philip Gellhorn


Philip Gellhorn said ago

An intense week. I started the week thinking I knew the Ring basically - love, power etc etc - and now I know that there is something else there that I have only started to connect to. There are mysteries - particularly from Siegfried Act 3 onwards - Wagner's second period writing the music - that I do not understand and the usual explanations do not come near satisfying. There is some movement deep in the psyche that makes Wotan throw in the towel when he does, that puts guileless Siegfried together with a right pair like Gunther and Gutrune (shallow examples of the small human ego that now rules the world) that makes the Rhinemaidens set Siegfried up to reject their request for the ring just as he is about to give it to them by saying the one thing bound to make him reject them. So I leave the Ring this time creatively confused and enquiring. I was struck by the moment at the end when the Rhinemaidens get the ring gold back - it almost felt like they had their wealth back but altered, augmented with all that experience embedded in it now that it did not know before. If the gold was sentient I wonder what it would say? And what that would mean. As for the performance - can't fault it. I would echo the comment about Lee Bisset - her rendering of Sieglinde's affirmation of her motherhood pierced my soul - my eyes were pouring. I looked at her singing the Norn in Goetterdaemmerung and her face was so mobile in vibrating the music with such variety and subtlety of expression - she reminded me of Janet Baker. Also the production was wonderful - not one piece of producer pretentiousness and all the little devices worked. Alberich crawling up over sleeping Hagen from behind - wow. Thank you to you all

Comment from Alex Eve


Alex Eve said ago

My first experience of The Ring cycle. It was absolutely fabulous. Big thank you to the singers, conductor and orchestra, and everyone else invloved who made it a memorable occasion.

Comment from Nicholas Dobson


Nicholas Dobson said ago

Having now seen Rheingold and Walkure, I would congratulate all involved in this magnificent production of Wagner’s epic musical Odyssey of destructive power, redemptive love and the restoration of primal order. Wonderful performances from all, with Richard Farnes having brought the orchestra to unbeatable form. Particularly enraptured with Lee Bisset’s Sieglinde. Delighted I’ve still two more to see and hope that the productions can be repeated at some point soon – no doubt once Company finances have recovered!

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