Stop! Listen! What can you hear?

There is sound EVERYWHERE – can you be a sound detective in your own home?

Follow the activities to discover what sounds you can hear and make.

Drawing time

What’s your favourite sound in the living room? Can you make a drawing of that sound?

Listening time

1. There are so many sounds coming from the television, including music such as theme tunes and music videos. Why not count how many songs you hear in one ad break? How many songs did you hear that you already know?

2.There are lots of different objects made of different materials in living rooms. Find an object that makes:

  • A loud noise

  • A quiet noise

  • A long sound

  • A short sound

  • A high sound

  • A low sound

Performing time

1. You might have books or magazines in your living room. Can you create a piece of music by combining different sounds you can make with a book or magazine?

Here are some examples of how you could make different sounds:

  • Carefully rub pages together to make a quiet sound

  • Rub your thumb against the edge of the book to make a quick, louder sound

  • If you have a heavy book, try closing it really quickly

  • Tap the front, back and spine of the book or magazine


2. The living room might be where everyone in your family spends time together.

Can you sing hello to everyone in your living room? You could even sing to any pets you have!

Watch this video of Chloe who will teach you “The Hello Song” from the Scottish Book Trust:

Learning time

To learn more about what sound is, you can watch this video by the Dr. Binocs Show:

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