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Hypnosis display – Grouper and Paul Clipson

A new FILMusic commission by Opera North, HYPNOSIS DISPLAY is a meditation on contemporary America in sound and image. Portland based musician Grouper (Liz Harris) juxtaposes layers of processed field recording, choral vocal harmony and keyboard in a resonant framework that moves behind and through Paul Clipson’s 16mm film. Clipson’s densely rhythmical images in turn traverse Grouper’s musical language to create startling, revelatory, and critical associations.

Together they invite the audience to participate in a collective mind’s-eye trip through landscapes of American myth making, including: the west coast, the worker, the city and the street.

By Grouper (Liz Harris) & Paul Clipson

Commissioned by Opera North Projects in association with Qu Junktions
Supported by the Opera North Future Fund


Grouper is made up of solo composer and artist Liz Harris, which has since 2006 been evolving a truly original sound, layering processed field recordings, vocals, guitar and drones in a series of releases and collaborative projects. Recently she has been shifting her gaze outwards, from a typically intensely personal approach to making music, and exploring broader themes of identity.

Paul Clipson is a San Francisco based film maker known for working exclusively with Super 8mm or 16mm film and his collaborative projects with musicians and sound artists.

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 ‘a restless artistic spirit exploring new sonic dreamscapes’ The Guardian on Grouper

‘The music of grouper creates a feeling that can only be defined as awe, an uncanny mixture of wonder and dread that nobody does better’ Pitchfork

Performance history

Howard Assembly Room, Leeds

5th June 2014

CCA, Glasgow

6th June 2014

LSO St. Luke’s, London

8th June 2014

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