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An immersive trailer

In a remote country house, the newly-appointed governess arrives to take charge of the orphaned Flora and Miles. She must fight to protect them from strange and menacing spirits. But are these apparitions real? What terrible evil occurred before her arrival?

This immersive trailer combines music recorded using spatial audio techniques and interactive graphics to create an eerie, haunted landscape. Explore the different scenes and hover over figures to hear them up close… or behind you...


  • Peter Quint Nicholas Watts
  • The Governess Lorna James
  • Mrs Grose / Miss Jessel Eleanor Dennis
  • Miles Ben Hayes
  • Flora Jennifer Clark
  • Members of the Orchestra of Opera North
  • Visuals Lusion
  • Web design and development Lusion
  • Sound Artist James Bulley
  • Sound recording and spatialisation AudioLab,
    University of York
  • Recording assistants Gregory White, Jamie Saye
  • Sound design James Bulley and AudioLab,
    University of York
  • Coaching and music support Music staff at Opera North
  • Produced by Opera North Projects
  • Funded by
  • With many thanks to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

An immersive trailer for Opera North’s production

Please choose the quality according to your device:

  • Compressed mp3 audio 30MB
  • Standard mp3 audio 45MB
  • High quality flac audio 100MB
  • Wear headphones for the best experience
  • Move your mouse and drag to look in different directions and alter the sound
  • Hover over figures to hear them closer up
  • Sit back and let the trailer play,
    or explore your favourite parts