Staging the Voice / Voicing the Stage

Our podcast in collaboration with Newcastle University, Staging the Voice / Voicing the Stage brings together staff, creatives and performers from Opera North with academics and researchers from throughout the University for a series of conversations about the voice in performance.

Each episode explores a different aspect of voice and performance, from issues relating to neuroscience and biology connected with the physical voice, to questions of representation, of silenced voices and marginalized people.

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1. Surtitles

Captions; surtitles; subtitles: the point at which text and the performed voice meet. They’re a crucial aid to understanding what’s happening on stage – not only for audiences with access needs.

Jo Robinson, Professor of Theatre and Performance and Head of the School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics at Newcastle University, is joined by staff from across Opera North to explore our history with captioning, the decisions that have informed our current approach, her own experience with creative captioning, and what the future might hold.

Christine Jane Chibnall is Opera North’s Director of Planning, Alice Gilmour is Access Manager, and Stuart Leeks is Editor. Their discussion is illuminated by excerpts from Opera North’s audio archive.


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