Gina Miller: Rise

1 Feb 2019

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Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall and Leading the Way

Gina Miller came to prominence when she successfully challenged the UK government’s authority to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval. As a consequence, she became the target of racist and sexist abuse and even physical threats.

Expanding on her memoir Rise, she explores the moments that formed her determination to stand up for justice; the trauma, failures and successes that gave her confidence in her voice, the ability to know how to use it and the strength not to let others diminish it, even at incredible cost. To those who say one person cannot make a difference, this talk demonstrates how they can.

’unapologetic and impatient to make a difference’

— The Guardian

  • Howard Assembly Room

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DARE Liberty Lecture
in association with the University of Leeds

Gina Miller: Rise
Gina Miller: Rise

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