La rondine

Giacomo Puccini

20 October - 17 November 2023

This event has passed.

Love is back in fashion

It’s 1930s Paris where romance, decadence and glamour await at every turn. Magda is the mistress of a wealthy banker, but risks it all for true love when she meets young Ruggero. Meanwhile, her maid seeks happiness with a charming poet. Will love win out?

James Hurley‘s new upstairs, downstairs production captures all the warmth of a musical, as Puccini’s sweeping score, including ‘Chi il bel sogno di Doretta‘, weaves a captivating soundtrack. Join us for a whirlwind of passion and scandal…

“Puccini’s flighty swallow soars… gorgeous ”
★★★★★ — The Observer

“opulent and tender”
★★★★ — The Guardian

“utterly beguiling”
★★★★ — The Stage

“a real achievement”
★★★★ — The Arts Desk

Part of our Green Season.

From £16*

Running time
Approximately 2 hours 5 minutes including one 20 minute interval

Sung in Italian with English titles

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La rondine in a nutshell

La rondine in a nutshell

All you need to know about Puccini’s bittersweet love story.

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Paris, 1930s  

The wealthy Rambaldo and his mistress, Magda, are hosting a cocktail party. Prunier, a poet and also the boyfriend of Magda’s maid Lisette, declares that true love is back in fashion. He sings a ballad about a girl who turns down a king for real love, and Magda makes up a second verse about how the girl falls in love with a poor student. She then reminisces about her first experiences of love as a young girl at Bullier’s, a famous Latin Quarter dance hall. Prunier reads Magda’s palm and predicts that she will go south in pursuit of romance and happiness, just like ‘la rondine’, the swallow.  

Rambaldo introduces a visitor, Ruggero, who is new to Paris and wants to know where to spend the evening. They recommend Bullier’s, and Ruggero leaves to go there. After the rest of the guests have left, Prunier returns in secret to escort Lisette to Bullier’s. Magda decides to stay at home, then changes her mind. She disguises herself and leaves for Bullier’s too, risking it all…  

Bullier’s, Paris 

The nightclub is packed. Ruggero is sitting alone. Magda enters and joins Ruggero, who doesn’t recognise her in the disguise. She introduces herself as ‘Pauletta’. When she teases him about his probable love affairs, he replies that should he ever love a woman, it would be forever. While they talk and dance, they realise that they have fallen in love with each other.    

Prunier and Lisette arrive. Lisette is astonished by the sight of Magda, but Prunier, understanding the situation, convinces her that it is someone else with a chance resemblance. Suddenly Rambaldo appears, and Prunier asks Lisette to keep Ruggero out of sight. Rambaldo demands an explanation from Magda for her behaviour. She replies that she has found true love and is going to leave him. Rambaldo expresses hope that she will not regret it. Ruggero returns and Magda leaves with him to start a new life… 

The French Riviera  

Magda and Ruggero have been living in a villa on the Riviera, but their money is running out. Ruggero says that he has written to his mother for help, and for permission for them to marry. He imagines what their idyllic family life would look like, but Magda is uncomfortable that Ruggero does not know about her past as a courtesan.  

He leaves, and Prunier and Lisette arrive, arguing. He had tried to make her a singer, but it had been a disaster. Magda tells Lisette she would be happy to take her back as a maid. Prunier delivers a message from Rambaldo: he is willing to welcome her back as his mistress. Ruggero returns with a letter from his mother, who is delighted that her son has found a good and virtuous bride. Unable to keep her secret any longer, Magda confesses that she can never be his wife because of who she really is – her reputation would ruin his future. She packs a suitcase and, like the swallow, she flies away…

Audio Introduction

This audio introduction gives detailed information about the story, the sets and costumes, the cast list, and the dates and venues of the performances.

It is to aid customers who are blind or partially sighted. Please note, the story and the details of the sets and costumes contain spoilers, so avoid them if you would prefer not to know what happens!

large print transcript of the audio introduction is available to download.

Cast & creative

A woman with short hair smiling,
Galina Averina


Claire Lees


Sébastien Guèze


A man with short dark hair wearing a dark suit.
Elgan Llŷr Thomas


A man wearing a suit with short hair and a short beard.
Philip Smith


A woman with dark hair wearing a pearl necklace.
Pasquale Orchard


A woman with blonde hair.
Kathryn Sharpe


Laura Kelly-McInroy


Ross McInroy
Ross McInroy


A man with short hair wearing a shirt with an open collar.
Satriya Krisna


A bald man in a t-shirt.
Paul Gibson


A man with short hair wearing a black shirt.
Andrew Randall


A woman with long dark hair looking into the camera.
Charlie Drummond


Molly Barker


A woman with curly dark hair resting her head on her hand.
Amy Freston


A woman with shoulder length dark hair.
Gillene Butterfield

A voice

A woman with a fringe with a blonde streak.
Ruby Portus


A woman with long curly hair, a nose ring and an eye brow piercing.
Rose Ellen Lewis


A woman with a pearl earring.
Erica Mulkern


A man with a moustache and goatee, with his hair tied back.
Ben Yorke-Griffiths


A man with short curly hair and a slight moustache.
Jonny Aubrey-Bentley


A man with short hair smiling at the camera.
James Aiden Kay


A man with dark curly hair wearing a black shirt.
Kerem Hasan

Conductor (EXC. 3 NOV)

Oliver Rundell

Conductor (3 NOV)

A man with short hair and glasses.
James Hurley


Leslie Travers

Set Designer

Gabrielle Dalton

Costume Designer

A woman wearing a fleece with her hair tied in a pony tail.
Paule Constable

Lighting Designer

A man with short hair and stubble.
Ben Pickersgill

Lighting Designer

A woman with long curly hair.
Lauren Poulton


La rondine

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