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The Chorus of Opera North

Our Chorus is both versatile and talented, and is a fundamental part of Opera North. Since its foundation in 1978, the group has achieved success and an enviable reputation through independent performances and Opera North productions. The Opera North Chorus performs in a wide range of concerts and produces outstanding recordings.

“…choral singing that pins you to the back of your seat….”
The Sunday Times

Who's who


Miranda Bevin
Sarah Blood
Gillene Butterfield
Sarah Estill
Irene Evans*
Lorna James (E)
Rachel Luxon (E)
Rachel J. Mosley
Victoria Sharp*
Angela Sorrigan*
Charlotte Spink (E)
Kathryn Stevens
Lisa Swayne (E)


Vivienne Bailey*
Anna Barry
Mary Burman (E)
Alex Cassidy (E)
Hazel Croft
Helen Évora
Cordelia Fish
Claire Pascoe
Nicola Unwin
Kathryn Walker (E)


Patrick Ashcroft (E)
Peter Bodenham*
Stephen Briggs*
Warren Gillespie (E)
David Llewellyn
Paul Milosavljevic (E)
Tim Ochala-Greenough (E)
Arwel Price
Richard Reaville (E)
Paul Rendall
Brett Robinson (E)
Campbell Russell
Ivan Sharpe (E)
Nicholas Watts (E)


Gavin Bailey (E)
Nicholas Butterfield
Nicholas Davies (E)
Stephen Dowson*
Garrick Forbes
Paul Gibson
Dickon Gough (E)
Keith Higham (E)
Jeremy Peaker
Dean Robinson
Gordon D. Shaw
Edward Thornton*
Ian Wilson-Pope
Richard Woodall (E)

Chorus Master: Martin Wettges
Chorus Manager: Steven Phillips
Chorus Assistant: Emma Black

(E) denotes extra chorus member
* Opera North Company member for 25 years or more

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