New to Opera

If you are coming to an Opera North performance for the first time and have a question about what to expect then we've included the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

New to Opera?

Is there a dress code/ what should I wear?

There isn’t a dress code so you can wear whatever you like. Some people like to dress up, while others wear jeans. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

Is it very expensive?

Our prices start from £15 and we offer a range of discounts. 

What time do the shows normally finish?

We aim for all shows to finish by 10.30pm, but it’s normally before this.

Is there an interval?

Yes there is usually an interval about halfway through, but for longer shows there are usually two intervals

The production information says ‘with English titles’. What does this actually mean?

For performances sung in a foreign language (e.g. Italian) we have title screens at either side of the stage that outline what is being sung in English. We quite often use these for opera that are sung in English as well, as audience members have found that this helps them to follow the story.

Will there be drinks/ refreshments?

All of our regular tour venues have at least 1 bar and you can pre-order drinks for the interval before the show starts

Do I need to know anything in advance?

You don’t need to know anything. If you would like information on the night, you will find a synopsis and extra contextual information in the programme. However, if you would like to read up before you go, you can find lots of information including song excerpts interviews and blogs on the production pages of our website

How big is the orchestra?

We have 54 fulltime members of the Orchestra of Opera North, but often fit up to 65 in the pit for staged operas. For our concert performance we have in the region of 80 orchestra members and for a project such as Wagner’s Das Rheingold we had 101 and had to put the orchestra on the stage of large venues to accommodate all the musicians.

Do you sell Opera North gift vouchers?

We don’t sell specific Opera North gift vouchers, but Leeds Grand Theatre accepts Theatre Tokens and these can be used for our shows. Vouchers are available from most theatres around the country and also www.theatretokens.com/

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