Covid-19 Safety Measures - Orchestral & Youth Programmes

In order to ensure participants, artists and staff work in a safe environment, measures to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 stay in place at Opera North. Below is a list of the measures that remain in place to ensure participative projects for young people can be held safely.


  • All staff and participants aged 12 and over will be asked to show evidence of a negative lateral flow test before each rehearsal. Lateral Flow tests can be ordered directly for free online from the NHS, or be collected from your local pharmacy.  Staff and participants will NOT attend rehearsal if the result is positive – please follow Government Guidance.
  • Staff will maintain 1 metre + distancing from each other and participants. 1 metre + distancing will be encouraged between players at all times but will not be mandated when playing in rehearsals and performance.
  • Each rehearsal studio will be sanatized daily. Surfaces in rehearsal rooms will be cleaned with antibacterial product.
  • Ventilation will be achieved by always having a venue air management system in operation. Doors will be closed to allow system to work properly.
  • Masks will need to be worn on arrival and departure and when moving through the building. Masks will not be required to be worn when participants and staff are stationary in rehearsals playing their instrument, but it is encouraged for those who can wear a mask when playing.
  • When a music stand is shared, one player will take responsibility for music page turns.
  • Hand washing and sanitization to be carried out throughout the day, with hygiene stations throughout routes required by players and staff.
  • Players will only handle music on their own stand.
  • Brass players will be required to bring a small container and cloth to collect condensation during rehearsals and performance. This will need to be taken home and washed each day.
  • Players will be required to keep their own music for the duration of the Academy.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned at regular intervals, as will touch points on doors.
  • Antibacterial wipes will be available for players to be able to wipe down any new surface they may encounter.
  • Opera North staff have undertaken Covid-specific first aid training and a Covid-19 Marshall will be present each day of the Academy.
  • Lunch breaks will be taken outside (weather permitting).
  • Should any single person display symptoms or test positive to Covid-19 whilst attending the Academy, all families will be contacted and asked to test themselves.

Information last updated: 17 January 2022.


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