Learn a Cinderella song, make your own magic wand and dance along to music from fairytales.

Learn a Cinderella song

Ahead of our Little Listeners: Cinderella tour, Marie Claire would like to teach you a song. This is the song Cinderella sings while sweeping the floor at the beginning of the show. See if you can sing along. It goes like this:

All alone I sweep the floor,
All alone, all alone I sweep the floor.
And by the fire at night,
All alone, I try not to cry.
La, la, la, la, li, li, li, li.
La, la, la, la.

Make your own magic wand

Here is some inspiration for making your own magical wand.

What you will need:

– A piece of cardboard (or recycled cardboard)
– Scissors
– Pens, pencils or anything else you can use to decorate your wand
– A stick
– Tape
– Scraps of material (tissue paper, ribbons, fabric, etc.)

Step 1

Step 1

Cut your piece of cardboard into any shape you would like your wand to be – a star, a circle, a diamond.

Step 2

Step 2

Decorate your wand head with colours, stickers, stamps (anything you would like).

Step 3

Step 3

Turn the wand head over and place a stick, lollipop stick or piece of dowel on the back in the middle. If you like you can add some scraps of material, tissue paper or ribbon too. Place those next to the stick.

Step 4

Step 4

Using a few pieces of tape, secure the stick and material to the back of the wand head. Turn it over and enjoy waving your magic wand!

Dance along to fairytale music

Now that you have your own magic wand, watch some enchanted ballet clips and join in with the dancing…

Come and see our show

Want to hear Cinderella music played live and sing along during the show? Our Little Listeners: Cinderella is going on tour across the North of England this winter. Check out the dates! And don’t forget to bring your magical wand along and to dress up for the occasion…

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