Stop! Listen! What can you hear?

There is sound EVERYWHERE – can you be a sound detective in your own home? Follow the activities to discover what sounds you can hear and make.  

Drawing time

What is your favourite sound in the kitchen? Can you make a drawing of that sound?  

Listening time

1. Washing machine

Can you hear a washing machine rumbling and shaking? Shake with the washing machine – make sure you stop when it does! 

2. Play your drum!

Grab a pot and a wooden spoon and you have a drum! Practice playing your drum: 

– Quiet
– Loud
– Fast 
– Slow  

Try tapping different parts of the pot – do they make different sounds?  

Now watch this video and try to drum along following the music.

3. Glass and teaspoon

Get an adult to help you with this one! Using two glasses, fill one with water and leave one empty. Gently tap the side of each glass with a teaspoon. What can you hear? What if you fill another glass half full?  

Performing time

1. Choppity Chop

Can you hear any sounds whilst food is being made? If someone is chopping food, you might hear a tapping noise. Can you tap along on your knees? Why not say this rhyme at the same time following this video by Hannah

Chop, chop, choppity chop
Chop off the bottoms and chop off the top
What we have left we will put in the pot
Chop, chop, choppity chop!  

This rhyme is taken from The Little Puffin, a collection of rhymes and songs compiled by Elizabeth Matterson (1991, PuffinBooks, ISBN 978-0140340488)  

2. Share your creation with us

Now that you have experienced all the sounds around your kitchen, watch this video of Kitchen Music by Alkrak. It might inspire you! 

Why not take a video of you playing your own Kitchen Music? Make sure you do this with a grown-up! If you like, post your creation on social media with the hashtag #ONLittleSchool.



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