Join in the Rhythmic Challenge!

Watch this Rhythmic Challenge video set by Jennifer.

The rhythm repeats in the same pattern, but the different sections use claps, knee pats, clicks and more!

Can you make a body percussion pattern?

Now you have learned the sequence, have a go at performing the whole piece and making your own unique performance!

Here is a reminder of the rhythm

Remember you can use:

  • Stamps
  • Pats – chest, knees, thighs
  • Clicks

Can you use different objects? 

Experiment with cups – pots and pans, or different objects in your home.

Here is Jennifer with an example of turning this into a cup performance!

Show us your stuff!

Once you are happy with your performance, why not record it and share it with us using #ONLittleSchool

To inspire you further, here are Jennifer and Stephen performing the challenge as a round!


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