Are you ready to move? Put on your comfy shoes, make sure you bring a soft toy along if you have one, and let’s get dancing…  

1. Watch and sing along to the Little Jenny song

This song is all about a dancing fairy and it goes like this: 

Little Jenny dances, on my hand she dances

Little Jenny dances, on my hand she dances

On my hand, little Jenny dances

You can sing along with Hannah and Jennifer and have a go at making your soft toy character dance. 

Can you think of anywhere else they could dance next? Could you add your own verse to the song?

2. Create your own dance

Have a go at dancing with your soft toy – here are two pieces of music to move to: 

Music from the famous ballet, The Nutcracker… 

A jazz improvisation based on music from The Nutcracker...

How does the music make you want to move?

Fast or slow?

With big movements or small movements?

Reaching up high or stretching low? 

3. Watch how dancers move to music

Have a look and see how these ballerinas from the English National Ballet move like clocks in Cinderella:

Ballerinas don’t always move delicately!

Look how strong and powerfully these ballerinas from the Royal Ballet move in Romeo and Juliet.

You might even recognize the music.. 

4. Dance to your favourite music

When you watch your favourite TV programmes or films or listen to the radio, why not moving along with the music you hear?

You could dance with Olaf the snowman in this clip by Official Disney UK:

We hope you enjoyed dancing around! If you like you can share your dances with us on social media using #ONLittleSchool 


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