You have the chance to share the extraordinary power of music and opera.

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Donating will help us continue to work with a broad range of projects across our communities and throughout the North of England. Your gift could help us to connect with vulnerable or isolated members of our community.

With your support...

  • £15 could enable an isolated or vulnerable person to experience opera
  • £30 could allow two isolated or vulnerable people to come to the theatre
  • £200 could provide a workshop for people in their own community setting

Our Community Partnerships projects help to transform the lives of people across Leeds through music and opera. Support for the campaign will help us to reach even more people whose circumstances currently prevent them from engaging with the arts.

Encore Scheme

Through the Encore Scheme, Opera North works with over 100 community groups in the city helping isolated and vulnerable people to come to the theatre and hosting special taster performances.

Opera has become a lifeline for many of the members,  giving them a reason and opportunity to get out and about.

By providing free or heavily subsidised tickets and making sure everyone feels welcome, the scheme means that no-one is excluded from enjoying opera and live performance.


“It was a lovely evening – I don’t go out much and I felt lifted and relaxed.

All my problems drifted  away. It wasn’t like TV – it was two hours to relax, concentrate and forget my worries.”

– Attendee Leeds Together Women Project, supporting women offenders and women at risk of offending

Experiencing theatre behind-the-scenes with Opera North © Justin Slee

Bravo Scheme

The Bravo Scheme makes it possible for people to independently come to the opera and and take part in a wide range of social events such as community choirs, taster performances, workshops and special pre-show talks.

Often members of the Encore Scheme will join Bravo as they gain in confidence and decide that they feel able and would like to venture out by themselves.

“I lost my husband, it will be five years next month. The Bravo Club has made a big difference in my life – if I didn’t come here, I would be at a loss.”

– Bravo Club member


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