Music for everyone… help us to keep music at the heart of Kirklees.

Each year the Orchestra of Opera North and a host of internationally renowned musicians and performers are brought together on the concert platform for the Kirklees Concert Season.

‘The playing of the orchestra – the strings soaring, the wind inclusive, the brass rounded and imposing – consummate’
— Financial Times

‘Opera North’s… superb orchestra… delivered a brilliantly vivid, sharply etched account under conductor Garry Walker, full of surging drama and also moments of exquisite contemplation’
— The Scotsman

Throughout the continuing partnership with Kirklees Council and the support of our audience members we are delighted that the season has been expanded to bring music to even more audiences. The Kirklees Concert Season is about to embark on its 16th year and features a growing musical life for Kirklees from Town Hall Orchestral Concerts to ever-popular lunchtime concerts and weekly Sing ON sessions of music and singing for over 55s with the Chorus of Opera North.

To ensure your concert season continues to bring music into the heart of Kirklees for future seasons please consider making a donation today.


Phil Boughton

Director of Orchestra and Chorus, Opera North

“We strive to showcase the best international talent, great artists from the region and of course, Yorkshire’s resident symphony orchestra, the Orchestra of Opera North, which provides the backbone of the season and relishes its unique position as the only UK orchestra to have a year-round dual remit of both operatic and symphonic programming.”

Cllr. Musarrat Khan and Cllr. Graham Turner

Cabinet Members (Corporate), Kirklees Council

“Kirklees Council recognises the value of music in having a role to play in our towns and villages, and we appreciate that Kirklees is a district of world class music that stands proud on its rich and diverse musical heritage. Music is the beat of our heart, it is the sound of our communities and it is the pulse of our towns and villages.”


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