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Raise the Curtain

Everyone deserves the chance to experience the magic of live music and opera.

For 45 years, Opera North has inspired, entertained, and enriched the lives of audiences across the north of England through the power of music and opera. From touring world-class productions to venues across the region, to introducing young children to opera through our pop-up family performances, and providing isolated members of our community with the chance to experience the transformative power of live music, we create extraordinary experiences every day.

In these challenging times for the arts across the UK, the future of opera and classical music is facing greater uncertainty than ever before. Opera North is determined to continue providing audiences across the north with the opportunity to enjoy bold and imaginative productions, performed by world-class artists, and to ensure that everyone in the communities we serve can experience the uplifting power of music, but we need your help to achieve this.

By supporting us with a donation this festive season, you can help us to share the thrill of world-class music and opera with new and diverse audiences and provide opportunities for our communities to experience and participate in music-making. Will you help us to Raise the Curtain on extraordinary experiences across the north, and inspire and delight audiences of all ages through music for years to come?

Help us to Raise the Curtain

Donate to date and help us to inspire and entertain audiences across the north for years to come.

How your support makes a difference

Help us to Raise the Curtain and share extraordinary experiences with our communities now and in the future:

  • £15 could give an isolated member of our community their very first experience of live music and opera.
  • £50 could uplift and inspire a community group member by providing access to our creative workshops.
  • £150 could provide tickets for a care home group to attend one of our relaxed and dementia-friendly performances and enjoy opera in a supportive environment.
  • £500 could help stage a performance of our Little Listeners family shows, which tour to audiences in community venues and rural theatres across the north of England.

We believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to enrich their lives through arts participation and access to world-class music. Donating today will help us continue delivering a vibrant and diverse programme of activity throughout the north of England for years to come.

Get in touch

For more information, or if you would prefer to donate by phone, please contact or call 0113 223 3502.


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