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Together In Harmony

Every child deserves the chance to experience the transformational power of music.  

This year, In Harmony Opera North celebrates ten years of bringing high-quality musical learning to the young people in our partner schools. In Harmony now enriches the lives of over 2,500 children across seven schools in south and east Leeds each week. During three hours of weekly musical learning, every child is given the chance to learn to sing and play an instrument.

You can help us ignite a life-long love of music in the next generation. This festive season, will you help us to create a future Together In Harmony, and inspire and delight through the power of music for another ten years?

Help us create a future Together In Harmony

Your gift could spark a lifetime of opportunities for young people across the region.

Help us to create Together In Harmony, now and in the future

  • £15 could provide sponge shoulder rests for a class of young violinists
  • £50 could keep our cellos at perfect pitch by providing a set of new strings
  • £150 could ignite a life-long passion for music by giving a child their very own trumpet or violin
  • £500 could help inspire a class of children through six weeks of singing and instrumental tuition

“I feel proud of myself because I don’t give up on everything like I used to since I started to learn the violin. It can be really hard, but I know that I just need to keep practicing and trying.”
– Sophie
, Windmill Primary School

“I firmly believe that learning an instrument gives a child a wide range of invaluable and transferable skills and I feel that these have the potential to have a significant impact on future success.”
– Anna Mackenzie, Headteacher at Richmond Hill

We believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to enrich their lives through arts participation and access to world-class music. By donating today, you will help us continue delivering a vibrant and diverse programme of educational activity throughout the North of England.

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For more information, or if you would prefer to donate by phone, please contact or call 0113 223 3553.


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