Decomposition Theory

23 Nov 2018

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Fresh from their critically acclaimed soundtrack to the video game No Man’s Sky, experimental post-rock band 65daysofstatic continue their exploration of non-linear music.

Their latest work, Decomposition Theory employs algorithms and coding to build each performance. Using visuals to reveal the inner working of their music, no two performances will ever be the same, as the band sculpt and shape the procedurally-generated sounds in real time.

“Decomposition Theory is some small effort to imagine a space where music is no longer shaped in commodity forms… We are un-songing our songs and un-performing on stage.” — 65daysofstatic


  • Howard Assembly Room

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With support from
Johanna Bramli

“Takes the idea of excitement and forward momentum from space travel and then blasts them at the listener with no let-up.”

Drowned in Sound on No Man’s Sky: Music for an infinite universe

Howard Assembly Room:

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