Così fan tutte

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2 February - 6 April 2024

This event has passed.

Mischief and misunderstandings are everywhere in this comic game of love. 

Meet the cunning Don Alfonso, a mastermind with a game to play. Determined to prove that love isn’t all it seems, especially for our two young couples, he challenges the men to a bet – a mission that will test the faithfulness of their fiancées. With the challenge accepted, the stage is set for a light-hearted romantic comedy filled with disguises, seduction, and surprises.

Witty, romantic, and always a delight, Tim Albery‘s smash-hit production will whisk you away to the 18th Century, complete with lavish costumes and the sheer beauty of Mozart’s music.

” A sure-fire winner”
★★★★ — The Arts Desk

“…constantly impressive”
★★★★ — Bachtrack

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Running time
Approximately 2 hours 55 minutes including one 20 minute interval

Sung in English with English subtitles

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Don Alfonso, a philosopher, bets his two young friends Ferrando and Guglielmo that their lovers will prove unfaithful if put to the test. Confidently, they both accept the wager and agree to follow Alfonso’s instructions for 24 hours. Alfonso then tells their lovers, Fiordiligi and Dorabella, that the men must go away to war. They are distraught.  

Next, Alfonso bribes the women’s servant, Despina, to introduce a pair of handsome, foreign ‘strangers’ to them. Fiordiligi and Dorabella are outraged, not realising that they are in fact Ferrando and Guglielmo in disguise! Apparently upset at their rejection, the newcomers pretend to take poison. Fiordiligi and Dorabella are moved — but when Despina, disguised as a doctor, cures the two men, the sisters continue to resist them. 

Despina persuades Fiordiligi and Dorabella to see the strangers once more. Admitting that there is an attraction, they speculate over which of the new men they would choose. Each unwittingly wants the other woman’s real-life love.  

Guglielmo finds Dorabella surprisingly easy to win over. Fiordiligi has more willpower, but her attraction to Ferrando leaves her in an agony of guilt. 

The two men compare notes. Guglielmo gloats, but Ferrando is sickened that he has been betrayed — deceived by Dorabella, and also rejected by Fiordiligi. Alfonso goads him into one last attempt, and this time Fiordiligi’s resolve crumbles. Guglielmo is appalled. Both he and Ferrando admit that Don Alfonso was right: così fan tutte – all women are the same.  

The sisters are ready to marry their new lovers (with Despina disguised as a lawyer) when they hear the sound soldiers returning. Their panic turns to shock when they finally realise that the foreign strangers were Guglielmo and Ferrando all along! Don Alfonso has won his bet.  


Audio introduction

This audio introduction gives detailed information about the story, the sets and costumes, the cast list, and the dates and venues of the performances.

It is to aid customers who are blind or partially sighted. Please note, the story and the details of the sets and costumes contain spoilers, so avoid them if you would prefer not to know what happens!

A large print transcript of the audio introduction is available to download.

Cast & creative

A woman with blonde hair with her hand to her neck.
Alexandra Lowe


Heather Lowe


A man with dark hair wearing a suit with no tie.
Anthony Gregory


Henry Neill
Henry Neill


Quirijn de Lang

Don Alfonso

A woman with shoulder length dark hair.
Gillene Butterfield


A man with short fair hair wearing a shirt.
Clemens Schuldt

Conductor (ex. 14 & 21 Feb, 4 & 6 Apr)

A woman with curly hair wearing earrings.
Chloe Rooke

Conductor (14 & 21 Feb, 4 & 6 Apr)

Tim Albery


A bald man wearing glasses.
Tobias Hoheisel

Set & Costume Designer

A man with short dark hair wearing a jacket with his collar raised.
David Finn

Lighting Designer

Così fan tutte

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