Littlest ONes:

Fairytales and Fanfares

Weekly on Fridays (10, 17 and 24 May 2024)


This event has passed.

This event has been cancelled.

Bring your Littlest ONes, aged 18 months and under, to explore a sensory world of storytelling and opera.

Expect a friendly, sociable atmosphere with a range of multi-sensory magic; music, singing, storytelling and more in our accessible Howard Opera Centre studio space.

For any questions, please get in touch with Emily Moss, Family Programme Manager at

£15 for 3 sessions | adults free

Start time

45 minutes per session


Who will be running the session?

All sessions will be led by singer and vocal animateur Marie-Claire Breen. Emily Moss, Family Programme Manager, will also be in attendance at all sessions, to welcome and support your participation.

What can I expect when I arrive?

Upon arrival at the Howard Opera Centre you will be welcomed at reception by Emily Moss, Family Programme Manager, and on the first week your ticket will be checked. You will then be directed through a door next to the entrance that leads to our dedicated Education space, the Bramall Studio. In this area there is a side room for parking a buggy, a small sink and fridge area and dedicated toilets.

What facilities are there for my child?

Howard Opera Centre offers step free access to the building. The workshop and buggy parking are within a restricted-access area of the building. Meaning that the toilets, workshop space and corridor can only be accessed by those participating in the session. In the toilets there is a baby changing table and mat available. If at any point a quieter space and chair is required then there is a small Education office room opposite the workshop.

Can I arrive by car?

It is not possible to park at Howard Opera Centre, however drop off outside the venue is possible.

There are car parking options available close to Howard Opera Centre.

Is there food or drink available?

We have access to water filling facilities in close proximity to the workshop space. You are welcome to bring snacks for young participants into the workshop space.

If I know at this point that I can’t attend all the workshops, can I buy a different ticket?

If you have any queries about the workshop dates then please get in contact directly with Emily, Family Programme Manager –

Do I need to bring anything or know anything before the workshops?

The workshops are open to all and no prior musical or opera knowledge is required. You do not need to bring anything to the workshop, apart from yourself and your Littlest ONes.

Littlest ONes: Fairytales and Fanfares

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