The Rite of Spring / Gianni Schicchi

Stravinsky / Puccini

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The Rite of Spring
In association with Phoenix Dance Theatre

The 1913 premiere of The Rite of Spring almost caused a riot. Unconventional choreography and shockingly dissonant music provoked anger from the Parisian audience and in Stravinsky’s letter home he wrote that ‘things got as far as fighting’.

Internationally-acclaimed Haitian choreographer Jeanguy Saintus reimagines this iconic piece of dance in the first ever collaboration between Opera North and Phoenix Dance Theatre. Saintus’ fresh interpretation is set to Stravinsky’s ground-breaking score, performed by the acclaimed Orchestra of Opera North and led by conductor Garry Walker.


Gianni Schicchi
A wickedly funny operatic short

This sardonic comedy is played out around the death-bed of a rich man where scheming relatives vie for a chunk of his fortune. They turn to conman Gianni Schicchi for help, but can he be trusted? Puccini’s mini masterpiece, based on an episode in Dante’s Inferno, is rich with vivid characterisation and colourful music.

Christopher Alden’s satirical production frames the action in the early Renaissance and the chic modern Italian costumes are a sly nod to the ageless themes of greed and avarice which Puccini exploits to brilliantly farcical effect. Gianni Schicchi is Puccini’s only outright comedy and features one of his best-loved arias ‘O mio babbino caro’.


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Approximately 2 hours 10 minutes

Additional Information
Gianni Schicchi is sung in Italian with English titles

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Leeds: Thurs 28 Feb, Sat 2 Mar (6.30pm–7.00pm) — free; please book in advance with Box Office or when booking your tickets.

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What the critics said...


“As physical spectacle it mesmerises… Intoxicatingly good, and brilliantly played to boot.”

★★★★★ — The Arts Desk


“The Stravinsky, in particular, carried a terrific punch…a gripping and at times beautiful spectacle.”

★★★★ — The Times


“An excellent ensemble cast keep the laughs coming… Burkhard is a brilliant Schicchi, firm-voiced, a lovable rogue…”

★★★★ — Bachtrack


Buoso Donati is dead. The wealthy Florentine lies surrounded by his relatives, who are gathered around his deathbed not to mourn but to discover the contents of his will. Much to their woe, they find out that all of Buoso’s fortune has been left to a monastery.

Rinuccio (Buoso’s 1st cousin, once removed) had been hopeful that by inheriting Buoso’s riches, his family would permit him to marry Lauretta, the daughter of the infamous Gianni Schicchi. Rinuccio decides to call upon Gianni Schicchi, who is known for his cunning, to help them.

When Schicchi arrives, he quickly formulates a plan. Since only the family know of Buoso’s death, he has them hide the body and takes Buoso’s place in the bed. Before they announce the death publicly, they will have Schicchi dictate a new (more favourable) will.

Before going ahead with the plan, Schicchi reminds the family that falsifying a will is a very serious crime. As such, when he orders the notary to leave most of Buoso’s wealth to himself, the family are powerless to intervene.

As the lawyer leaves, the family are enraged, all except Rinuccio, who is overjoyed. He can finally marry Lauretta, now that Schicchi is wealthy enough to afford a dowry. Schicchi chases the family out of what is now his house and appeals to the audience that the money has been put to its best use

Part I: The Adoration of the Earth

Introduction / Augurs of Spring / Ritual of Abduction / Spring Rounds / Ritual of the Rival Tribes / Procession of the Sage / Dance of the Earth

Part II: The Sacrifice

Introduction / Mystic Circles of the Young Girls / Glorification of the Chosen One / Evocation of the Ancestors / Ritual Action of the Ancestors / Sacrificial Dance

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The Rite of Spring / Gianni Schicchi

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