The Cardinall's Musick

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Innovative and highly successful vocal ensemble, The Cardinall’s Musick, take their name from the 16th-century cardinal, Thomas Wolsey. The group is known for its extensive study of English Renaissance music and in 2010 won Recording of the Year at the Gramophone awards for their recording of Byrd’s Infelix Ego.

Here they pair a number of Byrd’s masses, composed in times of huge religious and social division, with works by James Macmillan, Benjamin Britten’s pointed criticism on the rise of dictators in the 1930s and Arvo Pärt’s meditation following the Madrid bombings in 2004.


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William Byrd Kyrie (Mass for five voices)
William Byrd Ad Dominum cum tribularer
Benjamin Britten Advance Democracy
James Macmillan When you see the millions of the mouthless dead
Orlando Gibbons O Lord in thy wrath
James Macmillan A child’s prayer
William Byrd Agnus Dei (Mass for five voices)
William Byrd Kyrie (Mass for four voices)
Philip de Monte Super flumina Babylonis
William Byrd Quomodo cantabimus
James Macmillan Emitte lucem tuam
Arvo Pärt Da pacem
James Macmillan Alpha and Omega
William Byrd Agnus Dei (Mass for four voices)
William Byrd Prevent us, O Lord



The Cardinall's Musick

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