The Pearl Fishers on tour

Georges Bizet | Concert Performance

8 June - 1 July 2023

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For every pearl, a price

Dive deep into the waters where a timeless tale of love, desire… and bitter betrayal unfolds.

Two friends: Nadir and Zurga, find their friendship put to the ultimate test as they fall in love with the same woman. As their passion ignites and promises are broken, one man’s wild jealousy erupts into hot-blooded violence, threatening to destroy their lives forever.

Written 10 years before Carmen, Bizet’s trademark melodies brim with emotion, including the famous friendship duet Au fond du temple saint. In this new concert performance the spellbinding soundscape, intricate harmonies and soaring choruses expertly capture the extremes of beauty and darkness, under the baton of conductor Matthew Kofi Waldren.

The Leeds Grand Theatre production of The Pearl Fishers includes additional theatrical costume and lighting.

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Running time
Approximately 2 hours 15 minutes (including one interval)

Sung in French with English titles

All performances audio described

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Written in the mid-19th century, The Pearl Fishers’ setting in an exoticised pre-colonial Sri Lanka presents challenges for contemporary opera companies and audiences. In a related series of events alongside this opera, we will explore some of the issues involved in presenting this work today.

With introductions by specialist academics from the University of Leeds, the Howard Assembly Room’s season of post-colonial cinema complements – and critiques – our staging of The Pearl Fishers. Films by female and global majority directors offer a contemporary counterbalance to the opera, and a space for critical thinking and discussion on the subjects it raises for us today.

The programme also features an intimate performance from Carnatic singer Yarlinie Thanabalasingam, presenting music rooted in the region in which Bizet set his opera and two events with members of the creative team in conversation.

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On the coast, a community makes a precarious living from the dangerous seasonal work of diving for pearls. When Zurga tells the people that they should choose a leader, they all swear absolute loyalty to him.

Nadir arrives and is recognised by Zurga as his former friend. They remember how, on their travels together, they had both fallen in love with a priestess they encountered in a temple. For the sake of their friendship, they vowed to each other to give up any thought of a relationship with her. Now, they reaffirm their bond of friendship.

The community’s high priest, Nourabad, presents a priestess whose singing will pacify the spirits of the sky, land and sea during the current fishing season. This priestess – Leïla – is the woman with whom Zurga and Nadir were in love. She swears an oath of chastity on pain of death. Her reward for keeping the divers safe from harm will be their finest pearl. After Zurga outlines the dire consequences should she fail to keep her vow, Leïla recognises Nadir.

Nadir admits he was unable to suppress his desire for Leïla and returned to the temple to hear her song. He has continued to admire her from afar. Now hearing her song again, he approaches her, and she reveals herself to him.

Nourabad tells Leïla that all the fishermen have returned safely from the sea and that she can now sleep soundly until morning. He says she has nothing to fear as long as she keeps her vow. As proof of her steadfastness, she tells him how, when she was a small child, she helped a fugitive hide from his pursuers, not revealing his whereabouts even when she was threatened with death. In remembrance of her bravery and kindness, the man gave her a necklace.

Leïla falls asleep, her thoughts full of Nadir. He makes his way to her sanctuary and together they reminisce about the night they first met. They acknowledge their mutual love. As he departs, promising to return the following night, a violent storm breaks and the couple are discovered. Nourabad denounces them for their sacrilege before the assembled crowd, who demand their deaths. Zurga intervenes to protect his friend, and urges the couple to make their escape. But when Nourabad rips off Leïla’s veil, Zurga realises that Nadir has betrayed their oath of friendship and, furious, orders the couple’s execution.


Both the storm and Zurga’s anger have abated. He is ashamed of his behaviour, and wants forgiveness of both his friend and the woman he loves.

Leïla is brought to him and he is overwhelmed by her beauty. She pleads for Nadir’s life, but succeeds only in rekindling Zurga’s jealous fury when he realises how deeply she loves his friend and rival. As she is taken away for execution, she hands over her necklace to be sent to her mother. Examining it, Zurga realises that Leïla was the child who, years before, saved his life when he sought refuge.

The community prepares for the ritual deaths of Leïla and Nadir. At the last moment Zurga stops them with the news that their encampment is on fire. He has started the fire to provide Leïla and Nadir with the opportunity to escape. Zurga is left alone to meet his fate.

Cast & creative

A woman wearing a shirt with a high neck line with long hair.
Sophia Theodorides


Black and white headshot of Nico Darmanin
Nico Darmanin


Quirijn de Lang


A man with short grey hair wearing a shirt and jacket.
James Creswell


Matthew Kofi Waldren
Matthew Kofi Waldren


Matthew Eberhardt


The Pearl Fishers on tour

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