The Turn of the Screw

Benjamin Britten

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Not all secrets stay in the grave…

In a remote country house, the newly-appointed governess arrives to take charge of the orphaned Flora and Miles. She must fight to protect them from strange and menacing spirits. But are these apparitions real, or the product of her troubled imagination? And what terrible evil occurred before her arrival?

Based on the ghost story by Henry James, this edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller reaches new levels of terror and claustrophobia in this spine-chilling production. The disturbingly beautiful music rachets the tension up to breaking point. Hold on tight to your seat, you’re in for quite a night…

“A powerful revival that will chill many a spine… utterly credible…”
★★★★ — The Times

“…a compelling watch… exudes an unsettling and memorable air of menace.”
★★★★ — The Stage


£15 to £79.50*

Running time
Approximately 2 hours 15 minutes

Sung in English

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By permission of Boosey and Hawkes Ltd.
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A governess has been hired to care for two children at a remote country house by their distant and preoccupied uncle in London. She instantly takes a liking to the children, Flora and Miles, but feels uneasy in the old house. Before long, she has glimpses of a pale-faced, red-haired man in the grounds and at the window. She describes the man to the housekeeper Mrs Grose, who identifies him as Peter Quint, the former valet, who recently died in mysterious circumstances.

The governess vows to protect the children. However, later that day by the lake, she sees another figure, and realises it is the ghost of Miss Jessel, the former governess who also died some time previously. That night, the children are lured out into the woods by Quint and Miss Jessel, but the Governess and Mrs Grose arrive just in time to save them.

The Governess confides in Mrs Grose after more ghostly sightings and is advised to contact the children’s uncle in London. She writes a letter, but the ghost of Peter Quint instructs Miles to steal the letter before it can be posted.

Learning that her letter was never sent, the Governess confronts Miles. As she questions him, the ghost of Peter Quint pressures Miles not to betray him, but he reluctantly names the ghost and suddenly falls dead on the floor. The Governess cries out in grief.

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The Turn of the Screw

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