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Cleopatra: Queen, Lover, Legend (extract)


She is ‘the wickedest woman in history; she is a pattern of female virtue. She is a public benefactor, builder of aqueducts and lighthouses; she is a selfish tyrant who tortures slaves for her entertainment. She is as playful as a child; she is as old as sin. She is C...

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High Noon


The western established a new idea of modernity, setting a technologically advanced society against the blank slate of a nation in its infancy. The Hollywood dream machine manufactured heroic tales of its founding fathers only a few generations into the past, but always roo...

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A New Year Beating Back into Shape


So Christmas is come and gone, the New Year is upon us and it’s all hands on deck, no really, at Giulio Cesare. Saw the rig in place on the stage for the first time today. Seems so much bigger than when set up in the rehearsal room, and is obviously designed to fi...

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