Presented by Opera North Vocal Animateur and Operatic Soprano Marie Claire Breen, this online collection of singing wellbeing videos will help you reconnect with your breath, body, and voice.

As well as making you feel better and enhancing your lung function, singing is a powerful tool to release anxiety and improve your general health and wellbeing. In case you need some convincing, here are 10 reasons singing is good for you.

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Reconnect with your breath

Reconnect: Basics of Breath

Connect to your body and feel where your breath comes from.

Reconnect: Rhythmic Breathing

Explore your breath further and expand it by following rhythmic patterns.

Reconnect with your body

Reconnect: Full Body Stretch

Especially designed for singers, this full body stretch will help your mobility and thoracic expansion.

Reconnect: Body Scan

A guided meditation with special emphasis on body parts used for singing.

Reconnect with your voice

Reconnect: Vocalisation

Explore the resonances and vibrations of your voice through call and response sounds.

Reconnect: Mindful Vocal Exercises

Connect to your voice and breath circle with call and response vocal exercises.

Reconnect: Melody

Mindful singing based on opera melodies.


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