Brodsky Quartet

with Laura van der Heijden

Thursday 9 December 2021

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The Brodsky Quartet returns to the Howard Assembly Room with a programme of Bach, Shostakovich, and Schubert’s Quintet featuring the outstanding young cellist and former BBC Young Musician of the Year Laura van der Heijden.

Bach’s Sonata for Solo Violin in C major, rich in counterpoint and complex fugue, is presented with an extended palette in Brodsky violist Paul Cassidy’s quartet arrangement.

The pinnacle of Shostakovich’s chamber works, the Eighth String Quartet was written in Dresden in 1960. Under the cover of a lament for the bombed-out city, it voices the composer’s own intense torment over political pressure from the Soviet regime, and grief for his late first wife.

Franz Schubert’s final chamber work, the String Quintet in C major is also touched with mortality, its haunting slow movement thrown into relief by exuberant, folky rhythms, and the additional cello underscoring the sense of life in all its abundance.

  • Howard Assembly Room
Brodsky Quartet

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