Richard Wagner | Leeds production

1 June – 10 June 2022

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A prophecy to save them all 

Sam Brown’s thrilling theatrical staging, conducted by Richard Farnes, brings this opera to life on an impressive scale. With its ambitious 360° musical experience, from the miraculous 15-minute orchestral ‘Prelude’, to the celebrated ‘Good Friday Music’, Wagner’s final opera will transport you to another world.

Amfortas, ruler of the Kingdom of the Grail, suffers an incurable wound after losing the Holy Spear to evil sorcerer Klingsor. When a prophecy reveals that only a naïve young man who has learnt compassion will be able to heal Amfortas, Parsifal must embark on a quest to save the community of the Grail.

Over 150 performers, atmospheric sets, creative costumes, a stellar international cast, and the rare chance to enjoy the Orchestra of Opera North on the stage in all its glory. Leeds provides the ultimate Parsifal experience.

“Grips from start to finish”
★★★★★ — The Telegraph

“The Opera North chorus is splendidly vigorous”
★★★★ — The Times

“The shimmering beauty of Wagner’s score shines”
★★★★ — The Guardian


Supported by the Parsifal Circle.

Parsifal will be on tour from 12–26 June 2022 in a concert staging version of the Leeds Grand Theatre production. The Leeds production includes additional theatrical costume and lighting.

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Dates for Parsifal on tour (concert staging)

Running time
Approximately 5 hours 10 minutes (inc. two intervals)

Sung in German with English titles

All performances audio described

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Act I 4.00pm 1 hour 38 minutes
Interval 5.38pm 40 minutes
Act II 6.18pm 1 hour 8 minutes
Interval 7.26pm 25 minutes
Act III 7.51pm 1 hour 13 minutes
End 9.04pm

Food and drink at Parsifal

If you are attending a performance of Parsifal at Leeds Grand Theatre, you may like to consider ordering food and drinks for the longer interval in advance.

We have teamed up with Taste Catering to offer a limited number of delicious and convenient deli boxes, which will be served in Opera North’s new restaurant adjacent to Leeds Grand Theatre.

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Otherwise please see the alternative dining options.


Audio description will be available for every performance. This will describe visual movement on the stage, and read the surtitles. We would like to encourage anyone who finds it hard to read surtitles to try it.

Contact the Opera North Box Office to book a headset/receiver. You can also bring your own headphones to plug into a receiver pack if you prefer, they require a 3.5mm jack. 

There will be no touch tour. 

Audio Introduction

This audio introduction gives detailed information about the story, the sets and costumes, the cast list, and the dates and venues of the performances.

It is to aid customers who are blind or partially sighted. Please note, the synopsis and the details of the sets and costumes contain spoilers, so avoid them if you would prefer not to know what happens!

Introduction – 0:00
In the past –
Act 1 –
Act 2 –
Act 3 –
The Sets –
The Characters and Costumes –
The Cast –
Further Information –

You can also download a large print transcript of the audio introduction.


By the Castle of the Holy Grail

Knights who guard the Holy Grail (the cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper) prepare a bath for their King, Amfortas. Amfortas is sick – he suffers from an incurable wound. Kundry, a mysterious woman, appears with medicine to alleviate his pain. 

Old knight Gurnemanz tells of how this all came about: long ago, both the Grail and the Holy Spear (that pierced Jesus’ side on the cross) were entrusted to Titurel, Amfortas’ father, who assembled knights to guard these relics. Klingsor wished to join this brotherhood, but was rejected. In revenge, he built a fortress with a magic garden full of beautiful women to ensnare the knights. Amfortas tried to defeat Klingsor, but was himself seduced, whereupon Klingsor stole the Spear and stabbed Amfortas with it. The wound can only be healed by a ‘pure fool made wise by compassion’.

Speaking of whom… suddenly, a swan is shot down, and knights drag in a remorseful youth, whom Kundry identifies as ‘Parsifal’. Gurnemanz leads the boy back to the Grail Castle, wondering if he might be the one. 

Back in the Castle, Titurel urges his son to uncover the Grail, a ritual which produces nourishment for the knights. Amfortas is reluctant, as this causes his wound to reopen, but submits. At the end of the ceremony, Parsifal is baffled by what he has witnessed, and Gurnemanz drives him away in disappointment. 

Klingsor’s bewitched fortress

Klingsor summons Kundry and orders her to seduce the young fool, whom he recognises can heal Amfortas and save the Knights of the Grail. (Kundry is forced to lead a double life – she serves both the knights of the Grail and also Klingsor, because she is under his spell.)

Parsifal enters Klingsor’s enchanted garden, and flower maidens beg for his love. Kundry appears and tries to seduce Parsifal using memories of his mother, but as she kisses him, he suddenly feels Amfortas’ pain himself and realises what his purpose is: to save the Knights of the Grail. 

Resisted and rejected, Kundry curses Parsifal to wander hopelessly for years. In desperation, Klingsor hurls the Holy Spear at Parsifal, but it miraculously stops in mid-air. Parsifal catches it and makes the sign of the cross, causing Klingsor’s whole domain to crumble… 

Back by the Castle of the Holy Grail

It is many years later. Titurel has died, and the whole community of knights is on their last legs as Amfortas now refuses to uncover the Holy Grail – the ritual that sustains them all – because of the pain it causes him.

Just in time, a knight approaches – it is Parsifal, who has eventually made his way back. A remorseful Kundry washes Parsifal’s feet, and Gurnemanz proclaims him king. Parsifal baptizes Kundry. The tolling of bells signals Titurel’s funeral and the three make their way to the Castle.

In the Hall of the Grail, Amfortas begs the knights to kill him to end his suffering when Parsifal appears and touches his side, which finally heals the wound. Parsifal then uncovers the Grail, and becomes the new King. Kundry, also now redeemed and released from her curse, dies.

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Parsifal: Your reaction

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Cast & creative

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Richard Farnes


Sam Brown


Bengt Gomér


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Stephen Rodwell


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Toby Spence


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Katarina Karnéus


Robert Hayward


Derek Welton


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Brindley Sherratt


Stephen Richardson


Ivan Sharpe
Ivan Sharpe

Grail Knight

Richard Mosley Evans
Richard Mosley-Evans

Grail Knight

Samantha Clarke
Samantha Clarke


Kathryn Stevens


Victoria Sharp


Elin Pritchard


Miranda Bevin


Helen Évora


Claire Pascoe


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Stuart Laing


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Campbell Russell


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Hazel Croft



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