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Easter from the Spanish Golden Age

Thursday 21 April 2022

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Join one of Britain’s finest young vocal ensembles, Ensemble Pro Victoria for this musical and historical tour through one of the richest eras of European culture.

The Spanish Golden Age or Siglo de Oro (c.1492 – 1659) – architects and artists flocked to the country, great palaces and cathedrals were constructed, and music, art and literature reigned supreme. Under King Philip (1556 – 1598), composition and musical performance flourished. 

Easter from the Spanish Golden Age pieces together this fascinating journey from the earliest great Spanish Siglo de Oro composer, Cristóbal de Morales, through to Spain’s musical legacy at the end of the age – music written over a hundred years later in Puebla, Mexico. 


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Cristóbal de Morales (c.1500 1553) – Asperges Me
Francisco Garro (c.15561623) – Parce mihi, Domine
Tomás Luis de Victoria (c.15481611) – Trahe me post te
Francisco Guerrero (c.15281599) – Ego flos campi a8
Victoria – Nigra Sum
Victoria – Super Flumina Babylonis – Psalm 136
Victoria – Ardens est cor meum
Morales – Jubilate Deo


Guerrero – Maria Magdalena et altera Maria
Victoria – Surrexit Christus Pastor Bonus
Josep (José) Gay (?d.1587) – Angelus Domini descendit
Sebastián de Vivanco (c.15511622) – Magnificat Octavi Toni
Victoria – Regina Caeli a8
Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (15901664) – Missa Ego Flos Campi: Gloria
Victoria – Missa Pro Victoria: Gloria

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