I Like Trains

+ Polevaulter

Saturday 1 October 2022

This event has passed.

I Like Trains bring their full AV show to the Howard Assembly Room, for the venue’s first standing gig. The Leeds-based post rock band are joined by long-time visual collaborator Michael Connolly, whose décollage videos will provide an immersive backdrop to I Like Trains’ world – a wry take on the state of the world.

A group who stood apart from the crowd even as their adopted home of Leeds enjoyed its hype boom and bust years, they have never really been fashionable: too surly, too bleak, too stubborn to follow the pre-meditated narrative placed on them by their critics and peers.

“I Like Trains are too smart for most, or too interested in realism and fate when so many are content to indulge in washy escapism”
– The Quietus

“This is grand civic music, less to be listened to and more to be visited like a museum or war memorial, and all the more interesting because of it.”
– The Guardian

“An exhilarating ride. It sits in the middle of Venn Diagram consisting of John Carpenter scores, post-punk, dark ambient, goth, new wave and pop hooks.”
– Clash

Support from Polevaulter.

In association with Brudenell Social Club.


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I Like Trains

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